For Crime Stern i have been commissioned to portray a terrible crime story that occurred in Rome in March 2016. A 23-year-old boy, Luca Varani, was found dead in an apartment in the Collatino neighborhood on the outskirts of Rome after being tortured for hours by two 30-year-olds, Manuel Foffo and Marco Prato. Born as a transgressive marathon long an entire weekend of sex, alcohol, drugs and alienation from reality, the crime was without reason.
One of the most valuable helps to understand this story came to me while reading “La città dei Vivi” by Nicola Lagioia, trying to answer some questions; is there evil in some places? how can we learn to love the victim without knowing anything about her? How do we learn that the distance between us and an executioner is less than we think?

Roma is not only the backdrop where the crime took place but an authentic catalyst and accelerator of events, not just a city but another protagonist that can tell a lot about this story and also about the era in which we live. As Lagioia says a city in which the incontestable beauty becomes one with the incontestable ruin.