With the explosion of data shared on social networks and their relative fragmentation, the principle of ascertaining the truth concerning a fact or information is considered an irrelevant issue.
It’s not important to verify the facts but how these facts are perceived by public opinion and what reactions in the lower abdomen can cause.
“Who doesn't know the history, is condemned to repeat it” these words are often pronounced like a mantra from the mouth of Giuliano, while his eyes remain glued on the face of the journalist who sets the catastrophes of the day and the index finger of his right hand presses on the remote control the “rec” button.
Giuliano, a clandestine pirate, for more than 30 years in the private of his home studio has been recording and collecting television video information from major networks, news and scientific programs.
Review the images that records with the sole purpose of capturing the possible contradictions and anomalies that are potentially disclosed every day, convinced of his personal search for the truth (..and obviously denying the old saying “I heard it on TV!”).
In an era where the principle of non-contradiction is going to be destroyed, the boundaries between true and false are increasingly blurred and where the Rashomon effect reigns with its constant relativism, Giuliano sniffing the contradictions of the political and mass media system, trying in his own way to bring order among the pieces of this complicated human puzzle.